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PARATEK PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 01/04/2019
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Paratek Investment Highlights NUZYRATM: Potential Blockbuster Antibiotic in Both Hospital and Community Settings Potential Blockbuster Antibiotic with NUZYRA Clear Registration Path: U.S. FDA and EU EMA NUZYRA approved in the United States; October 2018 Filed in the EU in October 2018: Review has been initiated 1st FDA approved once-daily IV & oral antibiotic to treat both CABP and ABSSSI in nearly 20 years > $9 Billion Potential Addressable Market in U.S. alone* Additional Pipeline Potential Non-dilutive Funding Options UTI Ph2 Studies underway: Data Expected in H2 2019 Biodefense opportunity: Tx & prophylaxis in plague and anthrax Life-cycle opportunities: Oral-Only in CABP, Prostatitis, Rickettsial Disease Capital Efficient Commercial Model Significant Value Proposition = Hospitalization Minimization Hospital Promotion Without Branded Once-Daily Broad-spectrum IV + Oral Competitors (*) Paratek estimates based on 2015 AMR data current treatment failure rates and a Zyvox 2015 pricing analogue (**) Almirall, S.A. licensed U.S. development & commercial rights​ Omadacycline: Ex-U.S. Commercial Rights (except China) Sarecycline: U.S. Royalties (Almirall S.A.**); Ex-U.S. Rights (PRTK)