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PARATEK PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 01/04/2019
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ABSSSI Opportunity: Initial treatment (Tx) failure, resistance suspected CABP Opportunity: Fluoroquinolone failure, resistance suspected UTI Opportunity: Initial Tx failure (or repeated Tx), ESBL suspected = X = = X = = X = ~5%(1) Fail broad sp + MRSA cov ~6%(2) Fail fluoroquinolone ~3%(3) Fail fluoroquinolone ~735k cases ~510k cases ~890k cases $3,150(5) $2,100(4) $2,100(4) $1.5B opportunity $1.1B opportunity $2.8B opportunity (1) 20% est failures (based on hospital patterns) of first line MRSA treatment (2) Primary market research (est 18% of hospitalized CABP patients & 16.5% of community CABP patients are “high-risk” and suspected/confirmed to have a resistant pathogen) (3) Primary market research (est 1-2% of community patients sent to ED/hospital due to resistant infection not treatable with current oral AB; estimated to grow to 2.7% by 2028 (4) Cost per course based on health outcome analysis, 7 day course of therapy and cost of branded Zyvox therapy as an analogue (5) Cost per course based on mid point for levofloxacin course in UTI, a 450mg OMC daily dose, and 50% price premium to branded oral Zyvox as an analogue (6) Paratek estimates based on 2015 AMR data current treatment failure rates and a Zyvox 2015 pricing analogue 14,400K(1) Community ABSSSI 9,370K(1) Community CABP 33,000K(1) Community UTI Potential $5.4 Billion Addressable U.S. Community Market by 2028