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PARATEK PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 01/04/2019
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Potential $3.9 Billion Addressable U.S. Hospital Market by 2028 ABSSSI Opportunity: 1st line treatment (Tx) failure, resistance suspected CABP Opportunity: 1st line Tx failure, resistance suspected UTI Opportunity: 1st line Tx failure (or repeated Tx), ESBL suspected = = X = X = = X = ~12%(1) Fail broad sp + MRSA cov ~14%(2) Fail FQ or ceph+macrolide ~7%(3) Fail fluoroquinolone ~400k patients ~490k patients ~405k patients $3,000(4) $3,000(4) $3,150(5) $1.2B opportunity $1.4B opportunity $1.3B opportunity (1) AMR data (2015): Of patients never receiving confirmed pathogen and getting potential MRSA coverage, 30%+ switch therapies (i.e., to another empiric therapy) (2) Primary market research (est 18% of hospitalized CABP patients & 16.5% of community CABP patients are “high-risk” and suspected/confirmed to have a resistant pathogen) (3) DRG Current Treatment: Gram Negative Infections (ID’s est ~20% failure rate for fluoroquinolones) (4) Cost per course based on health outcome analysis, 10 day course of therapy and cost of branded Zyvox therapy as an analogue (5) Cost per course based on mid point for levofloxacin course in UTI, a 450mg OMC daily dose, and 50% price premium to branded oral Zyvox as an analogue (6) Paratek estimates based on 2015 AMR data current treatment failure rates and a Zyvox 2015 pricing analogue 3,300K(1) Hospitalized ABSSSI 3,400K(1) Hospitalized CABP 5,400K(1) Hospitalized UTI